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Loading Screen Freeze

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Today while loading a screen for a regular match, it appears that the game has suddenly frozen. My computer has finished loading, but all other computers that have yet to be completed had stopped loading entirely, staying at the same percentage for a prolonged period of time. Currently, I have been waiting for a change for five minutes, but none have occured. This has caused me to wonder if this is a result of the new update from the Riot staff. Before submitting this as a ticket, I would like to know if any other users have been having the same issues where the load screen completely freezes.

P.S: The load screen is still going on at this given moment.

P.S.S: The game client suddenly closed out after about seven minutes of waiting. No Bug Splat message, no warning, just suddenly closed.

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I've gotten this just now. Everyone's just stopped loading, including myself. I'm stuck on 19%. I've never seen this before.

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I get stuck too usually at 95%