Syndra R Bug + 1 More

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Neo Cyrus

Senior Member


For quite some time now if Syndra's ult is used it can result in the screen jerking back and forth for a few seconds. No this is not a frame drop or stuttering, the screen literally jerks around if you try to move.

I haven't found out yet what triggers it, but in a long enough game (35+ minutes) it has happened every time at some point in the game then continued every time after that which I used her ult. I believe out of the last 5 Syndra games I played (both testing against bots and in normal Rift games) it happened every time.

What I'm almost certain of is that in every case I had used her Q and W just prior to using the R.

It's incredibly annoying and would be impossible to play like that if it lasted more than a few seconds.

The other thing I wanted to report is not necessarily a bug, but should really be changed as a QoL fix. Casting the Q then using the E too quickly will cancel the Q. For a champion that's already so incredibly clunky that can be quite annoying.