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Are you ready to ENTER THE DRAGON?

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Note: This is mirrored from general, wasn't sure where the best place to put it was so I put it in both)

Greetings Summoners!

Today marks the first evening and beginning of an exciting new eight team tournament sponsored by AfreecaTV: the AfreecaTV Enter The Dragon League (AEL)!

Eight of the best teams from Asia will go head to head across eight days of play stretched across two weeks to determine who takes home the lion's share of the 10,000,000 WON (~9000 USD) prize pool, one of the biggest ever for an online event!

Every match in the tournament will be broadcasted in multiple languages with ESL Asia presenting the English broadcast for you all.

The Quarterfinals will be held on the 17th – 20th of October comprising the first four series of games and then the rest of the tournament will be played out on the 31st October – 3rd November.

Each night will feature a best of FIVE series (with 5th game blind pick!) between two teams with the winning team advancing further through the tournament and the losers going home.

Competing in the event are Season 2 Championship attendees Saigon Jokers, World Elite and Invictus Gaming as well as well-known Korean organizations RoMg, CJ Entus, LG-Incredible Miracle and KT Rolster 1 and 2.

For full info including scheduling and times for your timezone (also includes a countdown!) check out the ESL Asia portal here: http://www.esl-asia.net/asia/lol/5on5/afreecatv_enter_the_dragon/

Your English commentary will be provided by Julian "Pastrytime" Carr and Christopher "PapaSmithy" Smith the whole tournament long and if you miss it there will be a re-stream the next day at 12pm AEDT!
VoDs will also be provided as well so you will never miss a moment of the event!

For continued updates about when the upcoming matches will be casted you can follow Pastry and Papa on twitter: @Pastrytime and @PapaSmithy. We'll always be posting about when the casts are on which not only gives you constant updates but means we don't have to flood the forums with the same message.

Again make sure to visit the ESL Asia portal for all the scheduling and links you'll need so you don't miss a game!
This tournament is shaping up to be something incredible so ready your drinks and popcorn!

The first match for tonight will be Korea's KT Rolster 1 up against fellow Countrymen RoMg which should set the tone for the rest of the event. Remember that a FULL schedule is available for the Quarterfinals at the previously linked ESL Asia portal so you can see when your favourite team is going to be playing!

So join us tonight as we kick it off at 9pm AEDT (check the portal for your timezone and the stream link!). Hope to see you all there!