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Jungler refused to gank

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We decided to invade and we got first blood and their blue. Our "jungler" went back to our blue and got ganged up on by 3 of them. Everyone was too far in the enemy jungle to get back in time to help him except for me. So I ghosted over and used my heal on him but they ignited him, or else he would've survived. He gets angry and says that he's not going to gank at all and he stayed in the jungle. Their mid and jungler kills him a couple of times and that's it. Gg, or bg in this case. Oh, did I mention that it was a ranked game? I f'n hate people that do this ****. Every single one of my losses in ranked has come from some stupid **** like this. WTF!!!
Okay, rant over.

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Its called bad players..