Suggestion for LeaverBuster

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Now I've been getting banned by LeaverBuster a lot lately for things I can't control. For example, yesterday I was in a game as J4 and all of a sudden League just closed. I tried to rejoin but I would always freeze on the loading screen. That game ended and I wasn't banned so I thought "might as well try an ARAM for first win". When I hit accept instead of going to the champ select screen the league client went black. I had to close it, since this was ARAM though it didn't stop the game since I didn't pick my champ. I tried to reconnect and once again I froze up when I got about 90% on the loading screen. This had me irritated since I couldn't get into the game and sure enough after that game ended I got my 3day ban. What I'd like to suggest for LeaverBuster is to be able to appeal to Riot to release your ban, simply by stating what happened. Riot employees, or Tribunal would read it and could release or keep your ban. I'm just irritated with getting banned when I can't control what's happening. Don't suggest for me to get a better computer, I can't.

Tl;Dr: We should be able to appeal to Riot/the Tribunal when we get LeaverBuster'd and they can release or keep the ban.