Champion Concept: Bambo, The Totem Lord

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A Fuzzy Bear

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Stacking The Totem Pole (Passive): Totem's affects are stronger based on how many totems are out.

Totem Of Wrath (Q): Admits a fiery mist from beneath it's base, Causing Area of effect damage to any entity Within it's range.

Totem Of Mercy (W): Sprays out a relaxing sprites of Healing Energy, Causing any allied Champions within the Area of Effect radius to Heal each time a sprites is sprayed.

Totem Of Energy (E): Surges All Nearby Ally Champions to speed up, And All Neaby Enemies to slow down. (Attack Speed + Movement Speed or Just Movement Speed.)

Totem Birth (R): All Totems out sprout limbs, and reactivating the ability will command the totem where to go, Also increase all the totems Health and armor.