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LoL theme-Ament ( free tournament)

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My name is Kayla, or Daisy, whichever you prefer. I have created a goal of interning for Riot games, which we know as the creators of our beloved game League of Legends. the application for interning requires an extraordinary project. I have taken on the project organizing and creating a FREE tournament, hopefully a large scale one!

About this tournament, it is a 5v5 Summoner's Rift Theme based tournament. Teams will pick a theme they favor (Examples like Fire, Demacia, Pentakill). And compete against other players to reach the top.

registration begins on November 15th, up until December 12th. The tournaments date is set to be December 15th through the 16th.

I have created an email specifically for this event, (lolthemeament@gmail.com).

As of right now there is no prize pool, but it will grow according to donations. There will be a Paypal account set up for this event, to accept donations. 100% of the donations will be used for the winnings of the top 3 teams.

Prizes as of right now are: third place 10% of prize pools, Second 25% of prize pool, first place 65% of prize pool

You are eligible to enter as long as there are 5 players per team, with each team having it's picked theme. You may not change your theme once you have registered, and you must keep the same theme throughout the entire event! (Pick your theme carefully, you will keep it for a while!)

Riot has indeed been contacted for endorsing this tournament, so let's hope all goes well!

More information is on the Facebook Page (Feel free to support this tournament and like the page!) http://www.facebook.com/LolThemeAment

Thank you for reading, and this project cannot be completed without your help!

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Awesome idea!

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Gods Fiction



Must we need the skin of the theme? Ex. Pentakill - Karthus/Mordekaiser/Olaf/Sona/Yorick. Do we need the skins? Or can we just use the champs? Another Ex. Historical Wars - Red Baron Corki/Royal Guard Fiora/Medieval Twitch etc..

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At God's Fiction,
in my opinion i would say yes, you need a skin if the skin is what applies the theme,
however, from my understanding you dont need to have a premade theme, so you could very easily have say,,, a Bearded Team (Gragas, Graves, Alistar, Olaf, Lee Sin), or the Mustache Team (Corki, Draven, Twitch, Tryndamere, Zilean).

these kind of themes are semi endless, Maniacal Laughers, Intelligent Animals, Unnatural Skin Tones, People who Glow, Hidden Identities/Masks, European Accents(some skins not permitted), People With Sunglasses/Goggles (some skins required), Women with Short Hair, Women with Long Hair, Balding Guys, Whooly People, Dressed in Leathers, Non-Yordle and Non-Human Alliance (if you want to get racially specific), the way i see it, there are hundreds of themes out there,

i would love to participate in this, i'll keep checking back.