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Semi-new Player looking for Ranked team to help.

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Hello; I'm looking for a team that will take me under their wing and teach me how to be a better Team player when it comes to ranked games.

with that being said I don't have a lot of normal games on my record because i level'd mostly with bots playing all the champs I could when they came out. doing pvp only when I felt confident I could play and play well with a particular champion.

I play top/mid(ap) and adc.

I did play my first ranked soloQ game and win; but it was a close game because I just don't have a lot of experience with ranked matches

I do have vent/skype

IGN: iLesspirate

preferred champs: Ahri/Ziggs/Ezreal/Graves/Jayce/Riven/Olaf/Talon/Garen/Jax. I am working with a few other ADC champs

( I also have this posted in another forum)

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Well champion-wise I could easily teach you Talon, Ezreal and Ziggs better. As for a ranked team I have one low-elo ranked team which could use anyone we can get. If you want help with these champions, I would be more than happy to help you