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Ask Gentleman Cho'gath

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Ask the String

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Ask A Gentleman:
"I traveled through a portal left here in this world from the Void from the last invasion," Cho'gath says, taking another sip of the wine. "To be honest, some of the more powerful Voidborn have taken to bickering amongst themselves and I wanted nothing to do with it."

♪Well, I guess no matter where you're from, people will always argue,♪ Sona replied, ♪So how do you feel about the others from the void, like Kog'Maw and Kha'Zix? Have you guys stuck together or are you more on your own here?♪

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Vice Emargo

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(( Just going to say that I am still here, not impacient. ))

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Dear most Gentlemanly Cho'Gath,

I am curious as to who, if any, of the women in the word have caught your eye. Perhaps the lady Buvelle, with whom you have spent a large quantity of time? Also, I heard about the welcoming party you threw for Elise, and noticed that you have not done so with any other champions. Rumors hold that you have a crush on our fair spider queen. Do they hold truth?


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"Kog'Maw mentionne souvent une faim insatiable, et Kha'Zix affirme être entré en Valoran pour dévorer des créatures prometteuses afin d'évoluer... Est-ce que la majorité des créatures du Void sont centrés autours de la consommation autant que les spécimens connues par la Ligue?"

(Kog'Maw often state he has an insatiable hunger, and Kha'Zix claims to have entered Valoran to eat promizing creatures in order to evolve further... Are the majority of Void creatures centered around sustaining themselves as much as the specimens known by the League?)