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Jungler(s) and/or top

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Ok, I have been thinking of buying some new champions. I have 14k IP and I want a new champion or two. I play mainly jungle and I love doing it. I mainly play Maokai when I jungle, but I have also played him as support on bottom and have actually had great results with it. I also play top and support if needed, but jungle is my role of choice and the one that I main and play most of the time.

Some things to know:
- I LOVE playing Maokai, simply awesome playing as him.
- I like playing the tankier/beefier champions.
- I have tried Lee Sin before and did not care much for him (not saying he's bad, just not for me).
- I have Nautilus, but I have found him a bit weaker and prone to counter-jungling.
- I have been thinking of getting Skarner as one of the champions. but still unsure.
- I have also been thinking of getting one tank jungler, and one more assassin jungler.

Champions I have had in mind:
Skarner, Shyvana, Nocturne, Rengar, and Diana.

Advice in regards to this would be much appreciated. Thank you.


PS- I do mainly play draft pick, so take into account possible banning.

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If u love to jungle the one i will recomend u its Nocturne its a great jungler and ganker u should try it