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Maokai does everything in team fights?

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Wolfie 1

Junior Member


I just jungled 1st time Mao and got invaded and was so far behind I couldn't do anything. So the chese kills and ganking started and i got my whole team fed and later in the game everyone said," Well Played Mao." I was like Wha. . ? They said i did everything. I was happy, but i didn't do it all and our Teemo didn't get any honors ): I know no one cares, but i'm bored and decided to put this up here.

My Maokai Build
1. Mercury Treads
2.Abyssal Scepter
3.Ryla's Crystal Scepter
4.Rod Of Ages
5.Frozen Heart
6. Never got to build, but was gonna be a death cap due to being so far ahead.

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Senior Member


How did your assist count look? Just because you weren't getting kills, doesn't mean you weren't helping your team win.

I've played Maokai a bit and I've noticed he can still be viable even if you've fallen off a bit level-wise.