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a problem I need to attend to in my SR games

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I ran in a certain problem lately..

so I lost a ton of games trying to learn mid(normals mind you) and I ended up paired with peculiar people. I've gotten a bit better, and people stopped raging at me (YAY!! level up! XD) but they do rage at someone else... every game..

in every game I play, there's at least one guy who's been playing only bots, or trying a new champ, and playing poorly. I can understand, I do play poorly sometimes, esp. when trying to learn a new champ, or complete new role, but there's always one other guy who decides to ruin that poor fella's game by *****ing about the less talented player.

I try to report them, I try to tell our "less performing player" to ignore that griefer, and I try to ask nicely for this non-sense to stop, but it never feels enough... I even ask the opposing team to ignore the griefing player, always in a very polite way, and only if he start all-chatting about how he wants to report that "noob"


Jayce: damn ashe, 0 3 0. switch with me you ***** noob
ashe: ok, this nidalee does too much damage to me
we don't have a jungler, they do


no wards, double kill for top on a jungle gank.

Jayce: I'll destroy your account stupid ashe

starts rambling all game. Meanwhile I'm trying to keep my team alive as leona support(my main... YAY!!!) but I can'T concentrate, and Ashe starts building all phantom dancers, because frankly, he was fed up with this match, and I understand. Started missing the ults, was out of position often, probably more because of discouragement than noobness.

Is there ANY possible way to disarm that kind of situation before it snowballs into a terrible and un-enjoyable game? I'm really into teamwork and having fun, even if we have someone in a bad game, doesn't mean we have to blame everything on him