Naut Jangle advice.

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Wanna optimize the power of my Naut jangle.

So currently, I've been running this setup:

Runes: Armor/armor marks and seals, gold per 10 quints, either scaling magic resist blues or mana regen per 5 blue depending on who my mid is.

Masteries: 0/21/9.

Build: Boots/3 if looking to early gank else Cloth/5, power ranking R>W>E>Q with one rank in Q whenever I decide to gank, level 3 or 4.

Philo/HoG/Mobility/Aegis > situational.

Now what I've noticed when I run the above, is I stay full health in my jungle 24-7. Like those pots I bought with Cloth, I'm still on the same first 5 pots ... 15 mins+ into the game and at full for ganks constantly.

Also has made it hard for enemy junglers to really ever capitalize on me, and I can just repeat-spam gank since I have so much gold per 5. Makes warding/oracle spam easy mode too.

But, would it be ... "better" to run MS quints and some AS reds to make early W jungle faster? Like is it worth it trading off that raw survivability and reliable income for making his very early jungle a bit more potent?