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Support Karthus?

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So, my queue chat is broken, and I misread the team and pick Karthus when I thought Nunu was support and Eve was jungle, when Nunu was actually jungle and Eve was mid. So, I got forced into Karthus support.
Somehow, we pulled off a spectacular win, with me going 2/8/16 and getting my Ez to 13/2/6. I noticed Karthus support has excellent poke, armor/MR shred with the wall, and fulfills very well the role of the support, which is to die for his ADC if necessary, and to allow his ADC to pick up 1-2 kills in the exchange. Without having to farm, I could Q harass the opponents, letting Ez farm up. In teamfights, it felt a lot like normal Karthus, but with less damage and more shred from well placed walls, and ults early to soften up. Basically, run in, die, team picks up 2 or 3, or aces losing 2 or 3.
I did notice he's very weak against poke, and dies to any sort of stun. (played vs Taric/Varus, and died almost as soon as I entered lane once) However, the passive lets you aid your ADC in picking up kills on the now weak opponents.
What I would like to know is: Is this viable and why or why not? How could I play it better? and What should I be building/maxing first? (in the game, I maxed Q, W, then E, building kage's and WotA before morello's, with wards of course, never got past boots 1)

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It's not really viable because as you said you're very squishy and weak against poke. Your opponents (Taric/Vayne) screwed up in that they all-in'd to kill you first. If they had made sure to kill ezreal first, they could have either backed out or killed you then backed out. If they had focus on poke only (stun/arrow combo) just to wear you down and not forced a fight, you would have been forced back and been mostly useless.

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Karthus suport has been working quite well for me. His support is really only soso it is for fact you have karthus and a real AP burster in late game teamfights that I like running him as support. Come the team fights they do not focus you because you are not the carry bu that allows a lot of DoT and if the go you first big whoop. Tehy killed a support who has a passive to still hurt them along with the carries.