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AP and AD Rune Setup

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So True II

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I've been wondering about using different AP and AD rune setups. Since I do not buy RP (currently, I'm running LoL through WINE and it doesn't support the shop), I can only buy things with my IP, and so I'm a bit limited when it comes to runes.

So, I'd like to know a normal AP and a normal AD rune setup which will work with pretty much any champion. A Jungle/tank setup would also be nice.

The reason why I'm not doing this by myself is I was wondering how useful defense runes are. I could always buy AS/AD runes and call it my AD class, but I was wondering how useful defense/movement speed runes are.


So True

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Runes cannot be bought with RP.

The most common AP page is MP, AP/18, AP/18, AP (Marks, Seals, Glyphs, Quints). There are tons of AP pages but this is pretty standard. If you're running into mana problems, swap Mana5/18 Seals in there instead (and possibly Glyphs too).

The best AD page is AD, Armor, MR, AD (I prefer MR/18 Glyphs in blind pick and for queuing with less skilled people since the early MR doesn't matter much). The armor is for trading and against minions.

There are very specific jungle setups, but the most common Marks I see are AD and AS. For the other three, Armor, MR/18, MS. You can swap for flat MR Glyphs if you're a good pre-6 ganker, and the Quints are extremely varied so you will get 30k+ IP worth of suggestions.

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Typical AD Setup:
Flat Attack Damage Marks & Quintessences
Flat Armor Seals
Magic Resist per level Glyphs.

Why: AD Carries scale more with items than levels, this is why Flat AD is used, to help with last hitting to get those items. Easier farming = easier items. Flat armor to protect the AD Carry from their AD Carry in lane. Most of the damage done will be done in physical damage, so flat magic resist is not very helpful.

Typical AP Setup:
Magic penetration Marks
Health per level Seals
Ability power per level Glyphs
Flat Ability Power Quintessences.

Why: Most mages scale more with levels than they scale with items, so mostly per level runes are used. You get roughly 9 Magic penetration, combined with Sorcerer's shoes, you get about 30 magic penetration, which is enough to do pretty much true damage to anybody without magic resist items or runes early in the lane phase. Flat AP Quintessences are used, because it's not until very late in the game where per level AP quints out-do them. So the flat ones are much more useful, as you get more use of them for the entire game.

It should be noted that some champions use very specific rune pages, and these are only general rune pages that can be used with MOST champions.