Tristana christmas skin.

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Okay so I posted last night and it didn't get as many veiws as i'd expected so I figured I would rename it. So I have a concept for an Elf version of Tristana. (see attached) But im an engineering student with minor artistic skills compaired to others so im handing over my work in the hopes to inspire someone to push it to the next level.
My concept it tristana as an elf with a bazooka shaped present.
She is wearing green tights (pants) and elfish boots (light brownish) for the bag she has like circular presents inside a giant santa's hat. Her shirt is almost like a robe with long sleeves im thinking red with a green sash to hold up the bag, and no gloves. Her ears a little more pointed.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts onto the concept if you make a final product. I would just love to see a more professional picture of her.
Help me bring some christmas cheer to the LoL site and possibly, if you do good enough maybe to the game itself!
If you would like to take a shot at it, please don't forget to give a little credit to me for the basic idea.