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I've always played as an "honorable" player. With that said I do mostly premades with 1-4 others friends but there is generally just 3 of us queueing. I currently have close to 40 team work. Half of that is from my friends and the other half is from randoms, and I was just wondering at what level I get my teamwork ribbon? I generally play jungle and use a champ like Maokai or a Tanky Wukong who can control the fight and get in and hit hard and take a lot of damage. I always try my hardest to win every team fight and get/contest every objective and I'm always the first in and last out. I try to help the team win, but also listen to others. Me and my friends don't honor trade, we only give it when its desirved. I was, again, just wondering at what level I can expect my ribbon from team work?

As well as honorable opponent. I have about 17 or 18 and still no ribbon.

I feel like keeping the numbers secret from the players kind of makes the system seem shady. I mean if I have to break 100 team work from randoms to show that I can work as a team and coordinate well, isnt that just a little much?

I know there is a difference between randoms giving honor and friends giving honor and the values and what not, but is there is a number asigned to my honor more than what it shows based on the persent of people how honor me and of those who are friends and I have to reach a certain persent before I get the ribbon, should I know the numbers so I can have a goal to strive for?

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Seems like you know the answer. Honor initiative is weighted differently, and gets smaller when received by the same player multiple times whether or not it's deserved. it does seem shady/flawed for those who play more premades and reward soloers like me. It's a new system and they never claimed it was perfect. I'm sure they're working on it still, perhaps they'll come up with something