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Ranked Dodging and You (I <3 Riot)

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Goodguy Hopper

Senior Member


So I recently returned to lol after an extended break to focus in on my schooling. I came back to find my account had decayed down and that the meta-game had changed significantly over the last several months. But, I decided i wanted that janna skin so i began the climb.

Classically I have complained and complained about the 1200 - 1340 range of play, it was where new players were being placed into the game and consequently made it time consuming to climb out of.

This time around I climbed out of that range in one sitting, and would like to thank riot for the changes that allowed me to do this.

Riot removed the elo penalty for dodging a game (thanks guys) and the time penalty is 100% ok by me.

So my advice for the rest of you trying to get out of that range is to abuse the hell out of lolking and when you do not like the way your team is shaping up dodge. Do what i am doing now and take a break go write on the forums get a pizza, stretch your legs, and come back refreshed.

One of my self-gratifying little hobbies is to write down the players name that influenced my decision to dodge and see if they won their next game so far im ~95% with one person catching me off guard.

Thanks to the new system I'll dodge when some one is lying to the team, obviously over-ranked, or just being a jerk.

Example 1 -
I'm smurfing so even though I'm 5th pick let me mid.
lolking.net says players has played <40 games of which his highest kda is on support and only 2.2:1
mention this to them see how they react, usually negatively (occasionally they are reasonable about it and if they are I'm usually inclined to play it out)
wait till 2 seconds on the timer, just in case they leave instead of you....and GOODBYE!

Example 2 -
Lolking says player has played ~15 games and is ranked 1440, players won his first 8 and has lost every game since then never averaging better than a 1.5:1 KDA, this player got lucky and got carried his first 8 games. This player will most likely lose your team w/e lane they are in.

Check the rest of your team-mates if their is not an obvious under-ranked player in the pool (example would be player who is 400 - 415 but has won averaged 2:1 wins in their last ~20 games) Then dodge man. That young player will cost you the game and there probably isn't a balancing force

Example 3 -
Mid or i AFK!
(players is 5th pick and lolking says not a good mid <3:1 Kda mid)
you have another player on your team who selects a mid champ.
Yeah ok, bye!

I've heard the argument that you are punishing your team for this decision, but aside from probably doing them a favor you are not really costing them anything as they can simply go right back in.

In the end i wanted to throw my success story out there because if this starts happening often the people getting punished will be the toxic players who end up having to play with each other constantly, and i really wanted to thank Riot for getting this implemented. For what it is worth Riot i dodge about 1-2 times every 10-15 games, if that helps work out your demographics and how it impacts the game more power to you guys.

Lots of Love,

P.s - in the time it took me to write this my dodge timer ran out, after having an example 1 type dodge... Also mmm pizza!

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Senior Member


You're way more patient than I am. That would be a whole lot of dodging.

Edit: oh but i mostly play on weekends and before 5pm on tuesdays and wednesdays.

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Senior Member


oh. so YOU'RE the reason it takes 3 hours for a 30 minute ranked game.

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Senior Member


Thanks for the tips. I will definitely consider your strategy, especially since I'm only like 60 away from gold.