Clueless to ranked 3's.

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So me and few buddies are going to start up a ranked 3's team, but I feel we are completely unprepared. I know 5's like the back of my hand but what's the meta for 3's? I hear double bruiser and an AP carry is good while I also heard that 3 bruisers are good.

Is there any specific team comps / champions that do rather well in 3's? Also, what about strategies?

Also clueless on bans, I feel like the regular OP champions should be banned (Malphite/Alistar/Jayce/Rengar etc.)

Help me out guys!

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I wrote an extensive guide on this somewhere about the transition, but its probably lost in the forums now. Basically - there is no meta. Anything goes, and its about finding what works best with your teams. I recommend just playing out 10 normals first. You'll find out where people go and what type of champs are often picked / banned. Nothing like 5's im afraid. The map is smaller, so gold distribution is alot easier, and laning comps / styles can really vary.

Singed, Lee Sin, Xin, etc - tanky people that do alot of dmg and have chasing capability (what you will spend the majority of your time doing in 3's).