Revor, The Broken Blade

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body-slightly built
clothing-traditional ionian armor but with wear and tear along the upper left chestplate portion and and a dent in the armor on the right shoulderplate
attack type-melee
energy source-mana
movement-slight sprint with his left hand near the hilt just in case he needs to swiftly bring his blade out

Health:450 (+65 Per level)
Health Regen:5.5 (+0.75 Per level)
Mana:225 (+35 Per level)
Mana Regen:4.5 (+0.65 Per level)
Attack Damage:60 (+2.5 Per level)
Attack Speed:0.547 (+2.1% Per level)
Armor:25 (+3 Per level)
Magic Resist:25 (+2 Per level)
Move Speed:340
Attack Range:150

Innate:Shards of the Technique-every 7/6/5 abilities Revor will hit an enemy champion with the ability a second time dealing 30%/35%/40% of the damage of the ability as true damage. Using 2 of the same abilities in a row resets the stacks.

(Q):Wear and Tear-Passive:Revor gains 1/2/3/4/5 armor penetration
active:Revor aims for a slightly worn area of the units armor dealing 30/55/80/105/130(+65% AD) physical damage to the enemy and if the enemy unit is killed Revor gains double the armor penetration from Wear and Tear for 5 seconds

(W):Cuts and Gashes-Revor enters a stance where his sword protects him for 20/25/30/35/40 (+15% armor)(10% magic resist)damage for 3 seconds and any enemies within a 250 unit radius gets hit by minor shards of the damaged blade for 50/65/80/95/110 (+40%AP) physical damage

(E):Beyond Repair?-Revor slams the blunt side of his blade at his enemy dealing 60/75/90/105/120(+70%AD) physical damage to his enemy, stuns them for .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds and gains a 5% attack speed bonus for 3 seconds

(R):The Broken Shards-Revor breaks his sword into 10 pieces and uses all shard and charges an enemy champion using the blades magical potential to deal 100/115/130(+80% AP)(+55%AD) magical damage to the enemy hitting it up to ten times. If an enemy dies while there are shards remaining Revor will gain 5/10/15 mana times the number of remaining shards but gain an extra 2 seconds cooldown times the remaining shards to The Broken Shards

Mana Costs:
Wear and Tear-50/55/60/65/70
Cuts and Gashes-80/80/80/80/80
Beyond Repair?-75/80/85/90/95
The Broken Shards-150/200/250

Wear and Tear-/8/7/6/5/5.5
Cuts and Gashes-15/14/13/11/10.5
Beyond Repair-10/9/8/7/6
The Broken Shards-120/110/95

Lore:*will return to later still thinking of a solid lore for him*

Speech:Champion Select-"A blade is like willpower, even if it's broken or shattered it will find a way to repair itself."
Movement-"I hope I don't step on one of the shards me it hurts."
"Hopefully this blade will be able to hold out for me today or else I'll truly be done for."
"Time to show the world what a broken blade can still be able to do!"
"Shattered and broken it may be, but this blade can still bring people down."
Attacking-"Hack and slash an-ah dammit a shard came out."
"Let me show you what these shards can truly do."
"Lets slice and dice!"
"Lets see how many shards I'll get stuck in you huh?"
Abilities-(Q)-"Lets see how long your armor can last"
(Q)-"Hey is that a weak spot i'm seeing?"
(W)-"This is definitely gonna leave a solid gash on your shoulder."
(W)-"Time for this blade to hold out or my hide is gone!"
(E)-"Stand still or I make you stand still."
(E)-"Don't lose consciousness on me will ya."
(R)-"Time to show the real strength of these shards."
(R)-"Time to cut the act on this one."
Taunt-"If I was broken and shattered like my sword I'd be kinda glad I'm not facing any of you guys."
Joke-"If my willpower is ever shattered or broken one of you guys will pick me back up...right?"
Recall-"Time to pick up my pace piece by piece, shard by shard."
Special Interactions-(Master Yi)*taunt*-I'll show you that even Wuju can't fight the might of a broken blade."
(Riven)*taunt*-"How cute you can reforge your blade at will...shows how strong you are." *Revor will sound sarcastic then he says this*
(Yasuo)*taunt*-"How can you be sure the wind won't blow the shards of my blade to your face?"
Death-"Guess I'm truly broken like my blade is."
"Guess this is where my blade can finally take me to."

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if anyone ever does see this thread i'd really like the feedback because i feel there can be potential for a champion idea such as this

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1 Week Ago

bump for someone who has the patience to read this :P