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I've been playing League since the beginning of 2012, but stopped playing this past September, and I came back a week ago to find my account password not working, and on these forums my account no longer exists.

I've already submitted a ticket, but am extremely frustrated, as their reply was basically "Woops, sorry! Make a new one and hope to see you soon!"


Hello Sayshalproductions,

It seems that you’ve created an account on our website but have not logged into the game client yet to create your Summoner Name. When you first log into the League of Legends client, you will be prompted to create a Summoner Name that will allow you to play the game and log into the League of Legends website.

Unfortunately, if you forgot your password before you got the chance to log in and create a Summoner Name, or if you requested a new password before creating a Summoner Name, you will have to create a new account. Accounts that do not yet have Summoner Names are not active in our records. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you need to create a new account, please go to:

When you do, we suggest creating a brand new account using an entirely new username and valid e-mail address. From there, be sure to log into the client and create your summoner name.

I hope you'll be joining us on the Fields of Justice!

"Som i Serem"
Riot Games Player Support Specialist
Now, on my Paypal I have transaction records showing my account exists, in fact on my Help & Support account, you can see my summoner name & account name, but when I go to reset my password, No account found, and when I go to forgot username, no e-mail found. Help & Support hasn't replied in 48 hours, and I am not simply letting my $40+ spent on RP slip away because I got bored for a few months.

Please help, please.

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ouch hope you get help, happened to me on battlestar GO and I quit cause of it