Semi-Competitive Top or Mid Looking for Team

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Hey guys,

As the title says, I am a semi-competitive player looking for a team. Being semi-competitive means that I want to win games and work with a team who all know how to play their positions, organise training sessions and game times, and play with a team free of trolls and feeders. However, it also means that I do not want to join a team to attend tournaments, I will never meet up with my team in real life, and I will not judge you by your ELO. Part of the reason for the last is that my own ELO is terrible, but I understand that what has happened to me can happen to others - perhaps I do not deserve an amazing ELO, but mine has certainly been brought down by playing with poor team members. So, the expectations I have of anyone wishing to join my team are:

- Being able to play their position strongly (including knowing how to ward, roam, etc.)
- Understanding the importance of the dragon etc. plus strong team play and teamwork
- Being mature and friendly, not a troll or ******bag.
- Being able to play a range of champions within your given position.
- Having a basic understanding of counterpicks and synergy to allow you to pick the best champion you own for each game.

I would like to play with the team twice a week, once as practice in a normal draft queue and once in a ranked team queue. These would preferably be about 2 hours long each. The first few weeks of team play will probably be all practice. If you are interested, please reply or in-game message me with the following:

Played Champions:
Times you can play (in PDT):

I myself can main top or mid, depending on the team, but will settle on one when the team is decided. The times I am available for practice may be subject to change and are partially flexible, but are currently (In 24H PDT):

Sat/Sun 9-21

Monday: 10-12
Tuesday: 10-12
Thursday: 22-24
Friday: 0-3, 15-24
Saturday: 0-3, 15-24
Sunday: 10-12