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Dr Niles Aquatic:
You should probably reconsider those multiple Infinity Edges, considering the crit damage boost is a unique passive and doesn't stack.

If you're just stacking them for the convenience of having a big damage and crit chance boost in one package, you'd be better off getting one big crit chance item (like Phantom Dancer) and one big damage item (like Bloodthirster or Black Cleaver) separately.

Boots are also not particularly useful as your first item. The speed boost does not really help when farming minions, and by the time you really need speed to kill or escape enemy champions, you can easily afford boots as a second item. Most everyone recommends a mana regen item as Gangplank's first, for good reason.

I know the passive is unique, so yes, stacking them for the convenience, before i read this post i actually played a game with a new build, instead of 3-4 edges

i got ninja tabi, 2x Edges, Phantom, and I forget the last item

but with my builds, out of the last 5 games, i've went like 75 and 3