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If we can't balance for dominion because of summoners rift priority

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I think that all draft settings need increased bans, and not just Dominion.

SR is experiencing the same thing Dominion did awhile back.
You just see the exact same 3-6 champs picked/banned over and over and over again, because they are so overwhelming strong that you can't feasibly run anything else with them on the board.

Ez/Jayce/Kog/Sona/Ori/Anivia/Shen. They're so damn common in the World Finals.
SR really needs to increase the ban limit so that we can see the SR pros run a bit more diversity.

you know what's the fun part, Iem one year ago, before Dominion came out, that Iem where they got to preview Dominion a lot with commercials and the like everyone called Anivia useless and mocked Froggen for picking it, same situation with Shushei's Gragas , Anivia hadn't been touched since that time, not even a single buff not even quols, Froggen and Shushei Keep being stubborn as hell and discover a lot of things about the champs, everyone gets inspired by Froggen's Anivia and Shushei's Gragas,* the all the Anivia stronk craze comes. Something similar happenned with the chinese Ezreal , all in all it doesn't surprise me anymore*, imho Na community will still be waiting on Froggen', Shushei's m5's innovations while using strategies from the last season that although effective will be probably outdated instead of researching for themselves.

* I know Gragas received buffs to his E but they were somewhat reverted; he was still top Mid at the Na regionals though.

* A lot of characters passed through this treatment at different times on the league life, Malphite, Vlad (everyone saying they wouldn't buy legendary Vlad skin cuz Vlad was in a bad state), Anivia, Gragas, Leona, Ezreal, Nunu, Nidalee, Twisted fate, Corki, Every support, Urgot, Remake Evelynn and Mundo, maybe i'm missing more but these are the ones i recall the most.