Rengar and Tiamats, yes plural

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I heard that Rengar with 2 tiamats can actually cause 2 shockwaves with his Q. I, however, do not have this champion nor am i in a position to shell out 10 bucks anytime soon. Can someone test it out to see if there's a glitch to his Q and tiamat?

P.S. This is the 1st time using the forum, so i am not totally sure if this is the right place for the post

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This will, indeed, work, but its not a glitch.

Tiamat's passive is not UNIQUE. That means multiple of them can work together. If you had 6 tiamats on one melee champion, their autoattack would do 300% of its damage on surrounding opponents!

Since Rengar's Q is a modified autoattack, it's still an autoattack and will proc on-hit effects. Other attack modifiers will do the same thing (Nasus's Q for one.). As long as you right click someone to use it, it will proc on hit.

Special abilites that proc on-hit effects are Gangplank's Parrrrley, Ezreal's Mystic Shot, and Miss Fortune's Double Up.