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Giving Syndra a chance

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Anna Sachae

Senior Member


So I got Syndra about twelve hours after her release. She was interesting, tricky, and felt very much like a hybrid Orianna/Cassiopeia (two of my favorites). The issue was that she was painfully mana starved and her damage seemed low. I made a note to spend a few days at some point learning her, but she never really seemed like a huge deal. Recent buffs didn't really attract me back to her, but I got a wild hair up my arse tonight and decided to give her another shot.

And suddenly I like her so much I'll be spending the next week practicing her.

What I'm looking for is advice from more practiced Syndra players. Early items? Laning suggestions? Teamfight tricks? These are things that would likely lower her learning curve by a bit - as it is, she feels like a clumsy Ori with much more reliable damage. Whatever you could give me that would help "fix" the way I'm playing her would be great.