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New to 3v3? Lets play

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Allright guys I am a player who has been playing for almost 6 months... Not a long time per say, but I have played against mainly lvl 30s from the get go. (my buddies all play the game and would only play with me if they dragged me up..lol) The only time I played bot games was to learn a new champ. I love playing 3v3's and I am a friendly player. I hate the trolls and punks who come on here and make the experience bad for everyone. So if you are looking for someone to play with and just have fun, give some advice on how the game works, how to coun ter champs, how to build, whatever...add me and let's play some games. Either a regular normal game or a 1v1 bot match..I am up for whatever will help you learn and enjoy the game. I am tired of seeing punks and the like come in and make an awesome game something that sucks So I figured I would do something about it. I look forward to hearing from you guys...I am on daily..play at least one game a day (sometimes I miss a day...but hey I am only human) and I have helped several new players out..including my current old lady... lol. Look forward to seeing you guys out there.