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Buff Twisted Fate

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TF has so much utility with his semi-global teleport with vision and his very low cd stun that his stats/damage needs to be lower. As a TF main, I can tell you that your teleganks should not be able to be dodged without outside interference if you do it right. Port close enough to stun quickly but not too close to tower or that they could flash away from and you should be fine.

Edit: here's an excerpt from an article I read on this. Link:http://www.reignofgaming.net/blogs/hashinshin/21345-hashinshin-takes-the-time-to-explain-to-you-the

The greatest example of this is when Phreak had to break it down to Twisted Fate players that Twisted Fate simply*would not be allowed to be a super strong mage because his global teleport + stuns are just such an amazing mid game presence. If your champion does something incredibly well they simply must do everything else weaker. TF is squishy, not too damaging, has no escapes, and is short range beyond his poke. In return he gets a spammable massive duration stun, a global teleport, a pretty good poke, and the ability to kite anything with no gap closer. That's what makes him interesting, his weaknesses cover up for his strengths. He gets MASSIVE strengths because of MASSIVE weaknesses.

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Buff him please;
As a Ranged-AD, he is barely considered viable! He basically has no AD scaling (the Bonus on his W is 100% of his AD, considering its an auto-attack-augmentation its expected to do the same damage as an auto attack)

Twisted fate's strongest aspects is his mana sustain yet as an AD its useless using your W for stuns and slows.

As an AP caster; he is also terrible (not as bad as AD but still):

His scaling is rather low in comparison to other casters, his Ult is generally the least useful ult in the game! (Controversial)
1. No damage involved
2. Easily dodged (someone low hp can easily turn away, slow build up)
3. Long Cool down
4. Range is rather pathetic in ranks 1 & 2.
5. Can be interrupted making it's escape utility mediocre.

Personally I love the new TF remodel but as a champion is viability is just terrible.

I'm not saying he is the worst champion in the game nor am I saying he is totally useless, but in comparison to other champions he just falls short.

AP TF is one of the best champions imo, I thought he was unviable too until I played him heaps. His early game is his determining factor, if you go bad, then TF just falls off hard, if you go well TF can put out incredible burst with W, Q with proc'd E. His ult is used to gank. I completely agree with you on that AD TF is terrible, you don't even need to level up Q until you have too. Riot states that TF can be played as a viable AD/AP carry in the tips sections of his 'bio' but AD TF is bad.

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summoner ranger:
only thing that really need some look at would be e(stacked deck)

100% agreed. All of his other abilities are fine, its just his stacked deck could be better. Stacked deck currently has low scaling (40% AP). I've made a post on the forums about my ideas I came up with for TF's E skill but ill some it all up into one which would make his E skill better and more interesting to use.

New 'E' skill explanation for more viable AP stacked deck and AD carry viability
(this would be for a lvl 5 stacked deck)

It still involves acquiring 3 auto attacks to obtain a stacked deck like normal but now you have 3 choices, you can:

- Consume the stacked deck by using a basic auto attack dealing 155 (+40% AP) magic damage and has a 77% chance to throw a purple card (as seen floating around him on his current E animation) which resets the attack timer. This would increase his AD carry viability allow a chance to throw another AA straight away (this also fits into his persona of luck etc.)

- Consume the stacked deck by using a 'W' Pick a Card (Blue, Red or Gold). The stacked deck damage of 155 (+40% AP) is still applied. Using a...
: Blue card will increase the range to 675 from 625 (50 extra range). This consumes the stacked deck.
: Red Card will increase the AoE diameter from 200 to 300. This consumes the stacked deck.
: Gold Card will mark the enemy for 10 seconds and reveal them on the map. This consumes the stacked deck.

- Consume the stacked deck by using Q Wild cards. Using a Q with stacked deck adds 100% of your AD as damage to the wild cards. This consumes the stacked deck. Having an AD scaling on his Q would allow him to level it up over other skill if you wanted long range pick or increase AA.

With this new and improved E, his stacked deck syngenesis with his others abilities improving his AD viability and only increasing his AP efficiency bit a small fraction.