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Recommended Items and Your own customisable Items.

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There really is no reason why something like this couldn't be implemented. People here are saying it would be difficult to implement. I am a developer, and I call bull.

Here are some suggestions of several ways you could do it:

1) Have a right click - favourite option for items in-game. People can use some of the initial round-start time to set these on a per-game basis. Not-ideal, but will allow players to save time in the crucial points of the game

2) Have the item list available in the champion select screen. Currently there is "Champions" and "skins". Add a third tab "Items". With a simple click list to set your own items. This list can replace the "recommended items", simply just let it appear where recommended items usually does.

3) Allow a user to set preferred items on a "per champion" basis through our profile (where runes and masteries are set. Probably a little trickier for Riot but hey, you could create "pages" for items that the user can select on the load screen. That way it is just a drop down in champion selection that would say something like:

Item set: - recommended
- custom 1
- custom 2

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I really don't see why this wasn't implemented in the new Shop. With the change to finding items, a lot of people will have to waste time hunting for the items of their builds, like I've had to do every game since. As for how to do it, just have a tab on the "Tips & Items" page of a champ where you can customize the recommended items for a champ so you don't have to go searching.