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"Pickup" and "mini-tourney" games

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I'm interested in finding out how I can get more involved in the following types of play:

- Ringer -
Random players who are around to fill spots in scrims (you want to scrim but your 5th teammate isn't around...get a ringer...you're setting up pickup games and someone drops out last minute...get a ringer)

- Scrims -
pre-made teams get together and play

- Pickup -
Custom game where 10 players get together. Two team captains are determined and they proceed to draft players for their teams (probably not a great option for unfamiliar players).

- Pickup Tourney -
Combination of Pickup games but resulting in 4-8 teams (4 would probably be round-robin style...8 would likely be elimination bracket).
Usually this kind of thing would happen on a weekend but with the popularity of LoL it could easily be done every night.

Most of my interest lies in the Pickup Tourney...Likely each level would need to be set to start on the hour...8-team tourney has 3 levels (Initial 8-team start, Semi-Finals, Finals) which would put it at 3 hours once teams are set. Overall time would probably be close to 4 hours. Having a losers bracket would make this fun for all...but there should probably be a few ringers ready to fill in if someone drops off a team.

IRC was usually the best place to try and find these games in past games I've played competitively but I'm wondering if LoL has a chat room (in-game) or an IRC channel which might provide this...if not, I'd like to gauge interest and start one myself.