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Advice and Sugesstions

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Lord Cosmo

Junior Member


Hey I'm a realativly new player to league and I'm just starting to jungle with amumu. I was wondering if there was any other good junglers out there that are overlooked and underplayed? I really love playing characters that are underplayed so I was wondering if you had some suggestions.

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Senior Member


Jungle Karma. She has amazing clear time, and those countering her severely underestimate her because she jungles with low life because of her passive. She is just as blue buff dependent as Amumu, though I'm sure you're already used to dealing with those blue buff ganks.

Hers ganks are amazing because she can speed up other champions who are usually lackadaisical in going in for the kill when you're there. Also her clear time isn't bad either.

Another rarely seen jungler is Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is severely overlooked as a jungler, as his ganks are just impossible to get away from. Do not use your grab when you walk from the bush, but rather run out and knock them up. That way when they flash you can grab them back, and probably throw another knock up in their face as well.

Don't forget about Jungle Karthus, that man is also very blue buff dependent but his clear times are insane as are his ganks.

Its entirely up to you, but I don't see how with the 3 I've given you, that you would choose anyone else.

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Best Furry NA




Really, really, really good at what he does. Blue buff reliant early on, and his early ganks are weak. Make sure your top knows this.

Impale is one of the best Ulti's in-game if used right. -Always- use it in a gank, and in a team fight. Katarina decimating you? Impale her ulti and laugh. Blitz grabs you? Impale him in return (Note, only when you are beating them, otherwise, no. You won't kill him fast enough and should impale someone else. I just did that to troll a game I got legendary in as Skarner. Ranked.)

Skarner is a tank/dps/support hybrid that is an excellent ganker and chaser. Fast clear and movement time thanks to AoE Crystal Slash spamming and Exoskeleton.

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Hecarim. Cost: 975 RP --- 6300 IP
I never see any hecarim players anymore other than myself, and he's a beast!
- First of all his passive is OP,(ignores unit collision and gains AD from a % of his movement.)
- His Q is a hit-button ability which hits everyone around him.
- his W is a healing aura which heals more based on the amount of damage you dish out. and better yet, Smite works with it!!!
- his E gradually speeds him up and his next attack deals more AD the longer you travel. This is essential for ganks and messes them up bad. Ghost stacks with the AD dealt here too!!!
- his ult is a charge and mass fear hit.

If your thinking about fast ganks and survivability, as well as the joy of charging down lanes like a ****in rocket, go Hecarim the only problem though is he NEEDS the leech for blue buff or his life is hard. Later in levels you'll be able to solo blue buff, then even later, dragon. Other than Hecarim though i suggest Rengar.