Feature Request - Automatic Dismissal of Match Alerts

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One of the thing that I think could be improved with the game lobby is the addition of automatic dismissal of match alerts. When in the matchmaking system, and a match doesn't start because a player was inactive of said no, the alert that pops up will stay in the notifications until dealt with. It evens stays there after a match was found and completed. In that cause, it is a illogical alert for something that is no longer relevant.

Along the same vein, having match invite alerts stay in the notification area is also a nuisance. I might have been invited to couple games by the time I check back on my computer, but those games have already happened and been completed, and the person who invited me is no longer online. This also makes these match invites alerts illogical and a nuisance.

What would be nice would be the addition of some automated method of removing alerts that are no longer relevant.