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Do you think queue dodge timers should be linked?

Yes 5 33.33%
No 10 66.67%
Voters 15 .

Wait Time Between Dodges, Bring Coffee!

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Hello Riot (and any other readers)!

I know this post is a little long, but bear with me and sip your coffee...oh did you forget it?

I cant wait?

Have it yet? That's okay, you can do fine without it I suppose.

I've been playing your game for a long time, and recently decided I'd try to climb myself out of ELO Hell (which should deserve it's own thread, but I'm sure it's been beaten to death).

I just wanted to say thanks for forcing me to wait 30 minutes between games that I am forced to dodge.

My most recent escapade was when Olaf called top, and after Irelia first pick locked in, he refused to change his stance.

I just love getting matched with players who either don't speak English (granted some are good players, but you can't figure out what lane they are going and they have last pick...and never take the open role for the current meta) or getting stuck in matches were the team cohesion looks like you were trying to make a baked dish containing pasta, anti-bacterial soap and thumbtacks.

Now I understand, there's not much you can do. Taking an IQ or language test before you are allowed to queue with other players would take too much time, and probably force far too much of the player base out of the game, but I lose as many games as I win (if not tilted in the other direction) due to leavers, bad players, lack of communication, or just an awful comp.

I understand that a 5 man organized team is probably the best route to go, but as this would require me playing at normal times (I play anytime between 4 am until 9 am Central Time USA) this unfortunately is not an option. I understand some might say "Myabi, why don't you just play at normal times, then you would have better luck and could duo queue with friends." Unfortunately due to my work circumstances, my free time is limited to those morning ours slightly before, during, and just after Twilight (no sparkly vampires allowed).


On to something constructive.

I would appreciate it if when I am locked out of ranked queue, I could at least play some normal matches. Having the queue locked for everything because you don't want an instant ELO drop and 30 minutes wasted in a game you are going to fail is no fun.

With Best Regards,


TL;DR = Please do not link every match queue option to ranked dodges, you can tell if you're gonna lose by team comp and summoner communication sometimes.

I agree with this statement. I rarely dodge, I just deal with it normally... But when I do, "engage meme" I do it like a man.

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To everyone who's commented,

Thank you for agreeing with me for the most part.

I have had a bit more luck with duo queue trying to claw, scratch, bite, and any number of other vicious graphic ways to get out of ELO hell.

I understand the requirement to have a ladder system that forces you to play against like skilled players to raise your ranks. I get it completely.

However like one of the posters said, I have a full time job, I volunteer time with my locale Humane Society, and I have a live in girlfriend with whom wedding plans have started.

I hate being stuck in a game for between 20 and 45 minutes (depending on how skilled the other team is) because we have leavers, trolls, afk-ers and the like.

I just want them to unlock the ability that if you can't take the trolls in ranked, you can at least go play a normal instead or head over to Twisted Treeline.

I know Riot will probably never read my post, but in the past I've dumped cash into this game.

Lately I've only been getting stress in return, maybe it means ranked isn't my cup of tea for the moment (or coffee, if you remembered to bring it to this post) but I would really like the ability to... "reroll" my team.

I understand that it makes other people feel like their time is wasted, but for one team it can be the difference between and auto loss or an auto win.

Off to eat some more "thumb tack surprise" as the game is loading now. Wish me luck!

Add me to friends if you feel like it, in game name same as forum name.



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I literally just made a post about this same thing! +1 Because i highly agree.