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Looking for a Partner/Team (Im New)

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Hey guys, so Im looking for someone to partner with me, or possibly join a team.

Im looking for relatively new players, who would like to work together, and develope possible strategies, tactics... ect

So Now this section is about me, and my playstyle, and what im looking for in a partner/team.

My Play style: Agressive, I love to push, and I love kills. I havent quite found the right champ for me, but i think im close. I love to play top lane, or bot with a partner. I prefer Range/Mage champs and AP carry over AD champs, although I do enjoy playing AD champs. Its just I prefer AP. Im level 12 in game.

About Me: im 17, live in the US. Im on Central Time Zone (EST - 1hr). I play most nights during the week, and sometimes on the weekend if im not at a tournament. Strike that, i play every night during the week.

What Im looking for in a partner/team: I want to have a good partner (obv) but I want to be agressive, and donmiate the lane. Im looking for someone who is friendly, and wont be pissed when I **** up in game (which happens a lot lol). You do not need to be a certain age, or from the US or anything. Oh, and it doesnt matter what Champ you like to play either.

If your interested plz contact me here, or preferably on Skype at: zWilky

thanks for reading

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Try joining the chat for "Team for beginners" hope you meet some other people there gl!