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Support Champion Question: I rarely play support...

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Fs Son0fSilas

Senior Member


There is a big difference between auto-attacking, last hitting, and securing last hits.

Supports should not be auto-attacking, because it pushes the lane to the point where you are suseptable to ganks. However in the case of Nunu and Taric, throwing in an AA every once in a while won't hurt.

Last hitting can be just as effective for supports. If you see the ADC is about to miss one, feel free to steal a couple of creeps, that way at least someone is getting the gold. 3-4 cs is pretty much one ward.

Securing a last hit means auto-attacking a minion, gettinng it low enough for your adc to kill, without it getting stolen by your own teams minions.

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I play alot of support Janna and sometimes blitz (tbh I'm just a robot with wards at that point).
At higher levels your acd should be last hitting a majority if not all of the lane, and getting enough gold for items. Your job is just to keep them alive and use whatever you have to poke the enemy and feed kills to the adc (or jungler if they happen to come along). Most supports don't need many items to do well so you should be buying Gp10 items like Heart of Gold and Philo stones, only last hitting when you are alone in the lane or if your adc is not going to make it.

-NEVER just auto attack. You're pushing your lane out and making things more dangerous.