You'd think that with all this drama around Azubu Frost looking at the map...

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Late game, it's not odd to have more than 1 stack of wards. Catching someone alone late game or having a vision advantage of the enemy team for a team fight could drastically turn the tide of the game.

For example If you ward an entire side of a map and then see the other team's AD carry overextend even just a bit, a 2-3 man gank would be enough to kill their AD and then immediately grab blue buff/dragon or baron.

Warding buffs, dragon, and baron is only good if your team can contest it. If you only place wards at those 3 places, what good will it be if 2 people on your team get caught in the river bush and die?
A lot normal games/lower elo games - all you ever see is wards placed in baron pit where one team just watches the other team take the baron since they're 1/2 men down because they got caught due to lack of vision.

Multiple good ward placements define higher level play.