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Finally hit 2k elo... Most important thing I learned:

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but this guy is a liar.

Not only does he ***** and moan for 100% of the game (In three games mind you) but he complains about kill stealing while being outfarmed the entire game. Specifically stating "We're going to lose the game once again because of you" while I was carrying hard. (Ending 15/6/7 on Evelynn [loss] and 16/6/8 on AP Shaco [win]. He ended 1/7/7 on Zyra [in which he started 1/4/3 - this is the game where he was *****ing the entire game about kill steals] and 1/5/12 as Janna ).

Then, this guy has the balls to continually harass me in our third game in which he was even LOSING his lane vs me but his bot lane was carrying him. Specifically repeating: "trasbag" "trash bag" "I'm glad I get to stomp you now" "It's about time I put you in your place" etc.

Then a fourth game I pick Heimerdinger for mid, and he wants to duo mid as AP Yi. Because I don't want to duo mid with this kid, I volunteer to go jungle instead (because I've done it before and it works). He winds up dodging after crying/throwing insults (Of which I did call him a ****** after he picked after me and locked in another mid).

Someone got caught.

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There are so many times I get players who are so nerve wrecking and make me want to kill my cat, but you have to hold your emotions in!

Here's a few tips on controlling rage:

1) ITS JUST A GAME! Stop taking things personally. It doesn't matter if you got the same "baddie" in your next game. Its a new game, people have bad games. MOVE ON! It's not fair for the rest of your team if you carry on your anger.

Why? Because there's literally no point. Sure, you get a moment of enjoyment of making your teammates angry, but in the long run, what do you get? 30 minutes of your life wasted and a step back from the elo your working so hard for.

3) Stop trying to force dodges based on picks: So what your teammate locked in Master Yi jungle? For all you know he could be the best Master Yi this game has ever seen. Believe in your team no matter what happens!

4) Be the role model. People on your team raging? Then be the mediator and try to get things right. Stay positive ALWAYS; being positive is contagious (you being positive makes others want to be positive also)

Anyways, I worked hard to get to this elo, and just wanted to share what I think was the biggest helper.

GL summoners!
Actually watched the games Vman refers to, on his stream. Point for point everything you say in your post is the exact opposite of what you did.

I am impressed with your loose grasp of reality.

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Just dropped in to say congratulations on hitting 2k elo!

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Die cis scum!