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I need Farm Help and Tips

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Beofre you go say im the worst player ever, i just started playing around a week ago.

Ok, so the champ im using is Hecarim. I like him because he is tanky, extreemly mobile, and when built right he has amazing damage. He can also escape well, and its impossible to run away from him unless you flash over a wall, or stun him multiple times.

MY problem, is that i cant ever get enough gold from the laning phase to complete my build. Which is: Boots, TF, Phantom Dancer, IE, Frozen Malet, or other situational items depending on the other team.

I can usually get TF, PD before the the laning phase ends, but all the games i go into my opponents always seem to start the mid game phase way early, and its hard to farm by myself while getting ganked from everyone running around so much.

Can you guys offer me any tips or tricks, or just tell me if I should just get better at laning, or whatever.


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First off what you're going to want to do is wait for the minions to get low enough in hp for you to one shot them. Don't auto-attack them constantly because then you're going to start pushing your lane and it's likely you'll miss your last hit.

Secondly, most champions will use their skills to focus on last hitting. While I personally don't (unless I'm something like Ryze with a tear of the goddess or something similar) you can do so to ensure that last hit. Beware of mana cost and think whether or not it's better to harass your target or to get that last hit.

Third, ward. It's really that simple, develop your map awareness and honestly it doesn't matter what role you are. If you're support, AD carry, Mid, or Top, get wards. It is not strictly the jungler's or support's job to ward, everyone has a responsibility. You don't need to ward as much, but you do need to do so. If you need help on ward placement this ---> http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=401808 Is a thread that may help. Also you can look things up on youtube that can help as well.

Fourth, learn to zone. Zoning can help you out-level the competition and even if you yourself are not a zoner, you should be aware: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kxGQ3gWdrM This is a video on zoning. I highly recommend you watch it.

Fifth, damage and masteries. The more damage you have, the higher a threshold you have to last hit minions. It's plain logic. You seem to build MS like a Hecarim should, but the less damage you have, the harder it is to last hit.

Hopefully these basic tips will help you out.

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I would suggest a ranged carry to help learning how to last hit. Maybe Cait for ease-of-use, range and escape.

What he said about warding. Map awareness wins games, or loses it if none.

Also, Hec is primarily used as a jungler, which I doubt you are ready for, however it doesn't mean he has to be. Hmm, that is a long way to suggest, maybe, looking into another champ to play in the lane for now. I don't play him specifically, but assume people play him in the jungle due to his kit vs other solo lane type champs kit. I'm sorry, but I don't know a concise way to put that just now.

Jayce would be a great bet if you are interested. He is fast and has range.

It never hurts to practice on bots (custom). This could help you learn things you might not get the chance to do in a normal game (last hitting, zoning the computer, roaming - just not warding really).

Good luck.