Looking for a 3s Team

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Well, title says the gist of it.. but here is some other info about me..

I used to do a lot of competitive gaming. I got into LoL for a while, and some friends and I were working on getting a 5v5 team together but then everyone moved to other games. The couple that still play LoL mostly do Dominion, ARAM, and their own 3v3 team nowadays. After playing some 3v3 myself, I have really grown to love it. A little faster paced than Summoner's rift, but more tactical feeling than Dominion.

I have a lot of champions unlocked, mostly only missing a lot of the newer champs that have been released since I left... that is to say, most champs since the release of D3 or so (I think the newest I own is Darius). I like to play mostly bruisers, tanks, and the occasional AP support. I am a pretty decent AD carry as well, but I haven't gotten the hang of them in TT yet.

Anyways I don't have a lot of high Elo experience, just looking for a team to see how high we can go. I enjoy playing competitively and just want to find a couple players who do too.

Add me IG or via skype @ skuurj2010.