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My opinion:
His ult, invincibility, means that in SR if he sits right in the centre of a teamfight, with a full build, he is able to quickly crush 1 person, and do a lot of damage/kill maybe another before he is taken out/runs away to lifesteal back

In 3v3, where 1. His mobility and ability to speed farm the generous camps is fairly unmatched
2. Where there are only 3 champs on a team, you'll do a ton of damage and take out 1 or 2, and that's pretty much their entire team. He needs to be shut down in a fight with exhaust or something because he just does too much damage to such a small team.
3. He can just spin away when he gets low and it's really hard to catch him (he has pretty much the lowest cd *go through walls* skill at lower levels.

Absolutely agree with you, I believe RIOT should change some of the champion cd's and damage output depending on which map they are on.

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My issue with trynd on TT is not necessarily countering him in a fight, but countering his movement.I have successfully played as Malphite against Trynd before and was able to defeat him 1v1 without issue, in fact our team was up by 5 kills around mid game and into late game.

The issue that arose was that Trynd would split push our lanes, where his 2 teammates (one being a teemo i believe) would go bottom and Tryndamere would go top. When i went top to deal with him he would spin through the wall and make it a 3v2 on bottom before i could arrive due to having boots of speed and a phantom dancer.

We lost not because we could not take or fight the champions on the other team, but because they avoided fighting for about 15 mins at the end of the game where they whittled us down because they could switch lanes faster then us, and were able to take towers faster.

Needles to say it was kind of frustrating being the "stronger" champ and team comp, but losing because we were unable to chase.