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Just a Few noob questions?

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Hey im an extremly new player with just a few questions, do Dorans items stack? Do Items stacks? Do slows stack? How does pvp matching work? Should i buy runes before level 20? How do i ward well? Thank you for your time please answer these questions

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Yes, doran items stack. The SAME item will not stack with itself only if it says "UNIQUE PASSIVE: ....."

and there are a few cases in which UNIQUE passives between different items will not stack (phage/triforce/mallet slow, triforce/sheen/lichbane damage proc, tear/manamune/archangels bonus mana pool).

Other than that you can stack item stats however you wish. There are only two hard stat caps you should be aware of:

1) cool down reduction has a hard cap of 40%. Other than that it stacks additively up until that point. However, this cap means that as an AP carry if you are getting blue buff frequently (20%) or plan on buying blue elixir late game anyway for the extra ap (also adds 10% cdr) you should avoid buying too many cdr items so you don't waste gold.

2) atack speed has a hard cap of 2.5 attacks a second. How many AS items you need to buy to hit this point depends on your champions base attack speed and his natural AS growth per level. However, this cap is usually irrelevant because to reach because the highest dps for auto attacks involves a balance of attack damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed. No one would be trying to spend the money to hit the attack speed cap in the first place. Also, once you get to higher level games its very common to see attack speed reduction items like frozen heart and randuins omen, which reduce attack speed multiplicatively off the total whereas increased attack speed is additive (calculated from base), which makes it even more difficult to achieve the cap in a real game.

Slows do indeed stack. All slows besides the strongest are applied at 65% strength, and also slow %'s don't stack additively but rather multiplicatively.

PVP matching is based on a hidden rating (called elo). Summoner level actually doesn't have that much to do with it, so if you win a lot of early games you might start getting matched up against higher level players very quickly. The more you win, the higher your elo goes up and the more you lose, the lower it drops.

Don't buy rune sbefore 20 imo. They are weak and you have so few slots you'll barely notice the difference anyway. Just save ip.

As a really rough guide, you want to ward in river and in strategic choke points in the jungle so you have advance warning of enemy champions roaming to gank. In the laning phase, if they are a champion that is abusing bush to harass you then it makes sense to ward that bush as well (to see blitzcrank trying to set up hooks or something).