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1357 Adc/Mid/Jungle/Top (single player) Lf team.

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Junior Member


IGN: VgHitman
Roles: Stated above in order of preference
Characters: All but twitch and viktor
Win: 781
ELO: 1357 Top: 1401 Win Rate: 56.6%
Past competitive games: Sponsored CoD4 team leader for Kryptic Gaming and then Veracious Gaming (same team more sponsors).

I'm looking for a 5v5 team to get more practice in the 5v5 ranked setting, as well as, improve on my ADC play early and late game. You can't learn the game when most end at 20 minutes in surrenders. Also, in team ranked the builds and playstyle are more to my liking.

I play every day as much as I can.