TWFT LF 1350+ Top

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ATX Buttercupz

Senior Member


Team Wishful Thinkin is an undefeated team, looking for a few new additions due to scheduling and absences. We will be looking for around 1350+ ELO Players. Please be experienced and have skype. We are a NA team looking for serious players. Please be experienced with many team compositions and have multiple champions.

Open Positions:
Top- Open
Mid- Closed
AD Carry- Closed
Support- Cloed
Jungle- Closed

We have multiple benches to fill in for others, so even though spots are open doesn't mean that there will not have competition for them.

If you are a top laner please leave a post back or 1) message me on skype -or- 2) Add me in game
IGN: ▀uttercupz
Skype: Chrotnisomo

Please have a decently flexible schedule and be ready to learn to work together as a team