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LF DUO Partner 1350+

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I'm looking for a solid DUO Partner to play with. I am currently stuck in the 1325-1360 range due to teammates feeding / throwing the game. I'm not one to blame my teammates usually, but this is getting ridiculous and I find it quite irritating.

I main Mid / Support / ADC / Jungle (In that order)
I do not top, ever.
I play mostly during the Evening / Late Night.

1.) Mature + Friendly
2.) Have Skype + Working Mic
3.) Have A Healthy Number Of Champions To Choose From
4.) Play Smart And Patiently
5.) Have A Current ELO of 1350+ (No Exceptions)

Hit me up in-game later tonight if you're interesting, or leave a post below. I will be back home around 9:00 Central tonight. We can play a Normal or two then.

IGN: Chickenman117