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[GoDope] Dope Out , new team recruiting , DGAF.

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Destiny Haze

Senior Member


Aight , so i'm recruiting some guuuyssss y'know!

i'm playing some fking jungle so choose w/e you are good with

Yeah i'm making a 5's team to climb them ladders yo .

if you're good add me well play a couple of games !

idc about elo elo doesn't mean **** !

P.S : While adding me tell me what position you want to play and stuff like dat thx.

Skype = fucccckkiinng awwesome , if you can take a lovely toke while playing thx

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Senior Member


This is a general app I'm posting in multiple places. If interested get at me in game. I'm at work on my phone so this will be short:

Ign DrClawsCat
I'm 24 in CO (mountain time)
Want to try out for jungle/top/supp
80%ratio with udyr jungle across over 30 games
Most played top in ranked has been renekton
Support pick depends on compositions but I play all
I have a gaming pc I built with headset mic
Have all the voice chat programs
Willing to put 40+ hours a week in for practice
I work 5am to 330pm on overtime shifts m-f
Weekends completely open
5-10pm free on weekdays
Current elo *stuck in hell* I'm 20 games off of a 50/50 win loss over 300 solo games in
Have a 3's team that I taught new people with (1326 highest before highest elo patch)
See you around.

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Junior Member


not really down for a the team but if you need a fill in for a game or just somebody to play against to test champs hit me up after a toke.