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ValHallas Knights looking for adc and ap mid and jungler for rank team 5v5

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VK ChadToBad

Senior Member


Greetings Summoners, I'm looking for 3 people to join my new team Valhallas Knights. Looking for serious people that are active, and pretty good Elo doesn't really matter im 1300 in case you were wondering. trying get 1400 elo and up

I'll Outline a Few expectations Below:

1. Must be 18+
2. Must have a working microphone and TS3 for communication purposes
3. Must be available for a 5-6 hours everyday at least (Weekends Especially)
4. Must be level 30, and quite experienced in the role you want to tryout for.
5. Must be proficient with a myriad of champions , not just one or two
6. Must be knowledgeable of lane match ups / counters
7. And finally and probably most important of all, Must be nice! and able to take criticism no raging
8. need jungler thats good at calling the shots and Cordination
~If you feel you meet the above criteria and would like a tryout for ADC/ ap mid / or Jungle please just add me in game ChadToBad and Necrognomeicon and message me, Thanks