900 Elo AMA

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Wow, a real live 900 elo specimen! What an opportunity!

-Do you play any dominion?
-What's the hardest thing about being 900 elo?
-How do you build Karthus?
-Where did you learn English?
I do play a little bit of dominion. This usually consists of me playing Pantheon and dunking on my opponents. I don't find dominion that fun to be honest and the level of coordination that a team uses is small.

Hardest thing about 900 elo is working as a team. There are many instances where my team will worry about kills instead of trying to help me get dragon or flaming me for not being with the team even though I am split pushing and got two towers.

I build Karthus slightly generic, slightly different. I basically go for a suicide Karthus where I plan on dying every team fight, but I also take the other team down with me. I usually build
Archangel's Staff, Rabadons, Void Staff, and Hour Glass with a little room for variation. I feel that how you play Karthus is more important then how you build him. I generally play super aggressive, laying down Wall of Pain and then diving into a fight.

I learned English in school, I am a native German speaker.