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ADC LF 1000-1400 team

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Senior Member


IGN RavenRonien
age 19
occupation Student hopefully with a part time job soon
mains(on role): Ez, Varus, Vayne, Ashe
Other champs (off role): akali lux anivia teemo TF maokai amumu

Normals: around 1200 wins in normals, with about 1100 losses give or take 10, i hover around positive 90 wins (a lot of joke matches with friends)

Ranked: about 33 games played 17 wins 16 losses, ranked at 1188 or so atm. most of these games were early/mid S2 when i didn't care about ranked and did it just for fun. I've gotten considerably better and i've had several golds/plats tell me i play at a 1400 level. i want to find out for myself what rate of player i am now, so im looking for a team who is willing to take a highly experianced player in with them and teach me what i lack.

i don't mind a low elo team if it means the dedication to get better. i think ambition coupled with is a better trait in a player then just raw talent. i've coached several players only to find those with even more raw potential then me end up falling flat because they have short sighted goals or no drive to improve.

the biggest thing im looking for is no drama. The last thing i need is more people that try to cut my throat when im not looking, i understand league is a fustrating game at times, and i lose it too, but i need a team who can recognize thier own mistakes instead of scapegoating a certain player to hide thier own faults

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Akuma Ookami

Junior Member


I'm working on a team (Yordles United) and we could use a good adc We're hoping on becoming a very good team. We're ranked about 1000-1200 I think. We're great with teamwork and very friendly. Looking for a teammate who has the same qualities

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Senior Member


If you are a casual player or a competitive player you are welcome here. In the CGU League of Legends Division, we are all about playing the game and having fun, instead of making League of Legends a boring solo queue non-stop drone fest.

Want a 5v5 Normal? Easy.
Want a 3v3? Easy.
Want a Duo partner to raise your ELO? Easy

We are even organizing to have another ranked team. Tryouts for it will be soon. If you are all for the ranked games and just looking for a team, feel free to join and stay up-to-date with whats going on. Currently all spots are open so do not be discouraged but going, "OH i play ADC and I'm sure that it is going to be reserved. You earn your spot, its not given. ^.^

What is in it for you (the team)? RP cards to support this team, TeamSpeak3 server to communicate on as long as the team represents for CGU Gaming and stays in active communication, and tips and support from our Ranked Team 1.

About Crimson Guards United :

CGU (Crimson Guards United) Gaming has been established since 2003. Our goal has been aimed towards uniting friends and family, and expanding our game play on multiple gaming platforms. We promote making new friends and finding new ways to play the game.

Ways To Contact Us :

Website : http://www.cgunited.net
Ventrilo : IP - cgunited.maxfrag.net Port - 3883
E-mail : [email]cgunitedgaming@gmail.com[/email]
Also Try : YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Steam

What Crimson Guards United offers :

- A Ventrilo Server for awesome communication
- The opportunity to network with a wide range of diverse gamers
- In-game Events and Tournaments
- A well organized group of leaders to help strengthen your abilities as a member and a gamer
- Many different people to assist you in game or out of game preparation

What do we ask from you :

- Be active for our weekly meetings (Saturdays)
- 15+ years of age
- Please have a headset/mic to communicate with (exceptions may be made)
- Don't be afraid to ask questions
- Please be Summoner Level 20+ (Some exceptions can be made)
- Bring your friends

How to apply :

Come on our Ventrilo server and speak with a admin with the title G.C. (Global Council), or speak with Swift 4 Runner, Jaxum, or PoppinFresh

Ventrilo : IP - cgunited.maxfrag.net Port - 3883

For any additional questions feel free to add me. IGN: Jaxum