Cho'gath 3v3

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Can anyone help me with a Cho'gath guide for 3v3's? I've pretty much only played summoners rift(played TT about 3 times and the dominion map twice) so it's not a strong point for me. Just a basic idea of a build order, which lane for him, and who are good picks for me two teammates. Even some tips for TT itself would be good too. Thanks ^_^.

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Solo-top, sit in lane a last-hit all day until you're enormous. Gank occasionally if your bot lane seems to be having trouble, but otherwise just focus on farming and not dying. Take dragon (Remember to feast) or push down a turret whenever you win a teamfight. Rush a catalyst and boots, into a RoA, then a GA and and adapt from there with Deathcap, Frozen heart, Rageblade, AotL, Force of Nature, Shurelya's Reverie, and/or Randuin's Omen. Practice and see what you like, and play it. For R&M, take defensive stuff and utility if you want to be tanky, damage if you want to be a Off-tank. Take movespeed armor MR and mpen or AS in runes. Sorry this is short and fairly shabby info, ask more questions and we'll help you out.