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Tryndamere too strong or too weak?

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well i dunno...hes certianyl strong vs bad players..but even vs pros i tihnk hes gonna be annoying at least when he gets all amongst you and ults and does massive crits everywhere. COurse you can always throw exhaust/ignite on him, but hes def a champ you gotta contend with, not ignore. Cant really say how strong he is in a 'normal' game probably depends on team composition and such

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Big problem with Tryn is his laning. He is really weak in lane and is easily harrased while not able to harrass back.
Hard CC counters him pretty hard. Tryn ults then you CC him and make his ult useless.
In this meta where the only AD Carries played are Ez, Corki, and Graves, it is hard to stick to them. (they all have dashes/escapes)
Maybe you can play if more effectively as a jungler just because you don't have to worry about enemy harass but Tryn is dependent heavily on farm.

That's my 2 cents.